Design-Build Overflow Reservoir – Camp Pendleton, CA

This design-build project was for the repair and upgrades of Reservoir 1264 in Camp Pendleton, CA. The reservoir served as a major water source for the base’s headquarters area.  Orion replaced and re-directed the existing overflow and energy dissipater which were threatening the nearby Rattlesnak Road. Orion also installed a solar mixer which was integrated into the base’s existing SCADA system.

Harvey Field Water Main Repair, Naval Air Station China Lake Phases I & II

This design-bid-build project was for the repair by replacement of over 4,000 feet of waterline by both open cut and trenchless methods in two locations at Naval Air Station, China Lake. The watermain ran underneath the 395 Highway which is a major arterial highway connecting Reno, Nevada to the greater Southern California Area. Due to the location of the project, it was not feasible to shut the 395 down and give adequate warning to motorists, who would have entered the high hundreds of miles before.

To replace the watermain under the highway, Orion utilized a jack and bore method to tunnel underneath the highway and install 575LF of 24″ steel casing. The balance of the watermain was replaced using traditional open-cut methods.

Design-Build Repair Sewer Mains Marine Corps Logistics – Base Barstow, CA

This design-build project was to repair and replace deteriorating sewer mains at 30 sites at the Marine Corps Logistics Base, Barstow. Orion engaged with the Navy early on and determined which sewer mains were to be replaced by open-cut methods and which were suitable for trenchless (CIPP) methods. Nearly 2,000 feet of sewer pipe were replaced or rehabilitated, and 10 manholes were rehabilitated.

Design-Build Sewer Group Job 743 – San Diego, Ca

This design-build project was for the repair and replacement of failing sewer main in San Diego, CA. Orion immediately engaged with the City and determined that 1,900 LF of sewer main were suitable for trenchless (CIPP) replacement. This reduced construction impact on the area residents and businesses. Where CIPP methods were not suitable, Orion repaired by replacement of over 3,300 LF of sewer main. Finally, Orion installed by open-cut methods over 1,600 LF of sewer main.

Design-Build Water Group Job 926 – San Diego, CA

This design-build project included the replacement of nearly 2.5 miles of potable water main and appurtenances in Point Loma, CA. Orion worked with the City of San Diego to determine early on where trenchless (CIPP) methods could be used to rehabilitate existing water main. This substantially reduced the construction impact in the neighborhoods. The balance of the water main was replaced by traditional open-but methods.