Design-Build Scripps Ranch Pump Station – San Diego, CA

Orion and its partners designed and constructed the Scripps Ranch Pump Station, which was the 2015 American Public Works Association project of the year. The pump station consisted of 2,400 a square foot building with six pumps between 1,700 and 3,000 GPM and associated SCADA control structures, a 4,500 gallon surge tank, emergency generators, and pipelines ranging from 6” PVC pipelines, to 36” welded steel pipelines. Extensive site preparation work was conducted for the station’s construction, including grading, trenching, blasting, construction of reinforced retaining walls, concrete slab construction, and parking lot construction.

The building itself is located near an environmentally sensitive area, requiring constant monitoring of noise during construction and ensuring that the final pump station building had adequate sound-deadening features.

Design-Build Pump Station 324 – San Diego, CA

Orion repaired water pump station 324 in Point Loma, CA, while ensuring the neighborhood’s water operations were uninterrupted. This project involved demolition, wet utility, paving, and building construction. Before the new pump station could be constructed, Orion prepared the site by clearing the area, grading it, and building the new pump station’s concrete pad. The old station was demolished and suction and discharge piping was re-routed to serve the newly constructed facility.

A prefabricated metal building was erected to house the pump station equipment including: valves, piping, pumps, motors, generators, and electrical systems. The new structure had four water tight windows, watertight double doors, a passive roof ventilation system, removable roof sections for pump access, and a retaining wall around three sides of the building with a concrete drainage swale on the upper side of the wall.

Rockledge Sewer Systems Improvements – Laguna Beach, CA

This project was for the improvement of a sewage pump station in Laguna Beach, CA. The pump station’s interior was re-designed, the pump house was expanded, the existing steel tanks were replaced with fiberglass tanks, and the pump station’s single pump was replaced with a two-pump system. The pump station’s exterior was demolished, rehabilitated and included new retaining walls, new driveways, and new staircases. The pump station’s location next to a neighborhood adjacent to Shaw’s Cove Marine Park required extensive coordination with various City departments and homeowners to minimize impact on the community and environment.