NSU Storm Drain – San Diego, CA

This design-bid-build project installed 7,000 LF of storm drain pipeline and a new pump station to mitigate stormwater issues at the San Diego International Airport. This project presented several distinct challenges unique to working at airports and in high water table areas. Orion worked closely with the airport authority to mitigate impacts to airline operations. Substantial dewatering was needed as groundwater was at or above 5ft throughout construction.

The complexity of this project required a multidisciplinary heavy-civil construction approach which utilized commercial scuba diving, directional drilling, paving of access roads, and deep excavations.

Design-Build Agua Hedionda Pedestrian Bridges – Vista, CA

This design-build project involved the construction of two new wooden pedestrian/light vehicle bridges in environmentally sensitive habitat in Vista, CA. Orion worked closely with its designer and the City of Vista to ensure that bridges were constructed in a manner that did not require substantial alteration of the habitat or existing access roads.

After the bridges were constructed and installed, Orion restored all disturbed native vegetation.

Design-Build Storm Water BMP Retrofit – San Diego, CA

This design-build project was to retrofit and improve nine areas of the City of San Diego’s stormwater system in preparation for an 85th percentile storm event.¬†Retrofits included stormwater detention basins, bio-retention basins, vegetated swales, stormwater infiltration vault structures, Tree Pod Biofilters, and stormwater filtering devices.

Design-Build La Bonita Water Park Rehabilitation – La Habra, CA

This design-build project was for the complete above and below ground retrofit of La Bonita Park in La Habra, CA. Orion constructed a 250,000 gallon underground water tank, a new potable water pump station, new park restroom facility, and new large diameter water pipe. The complexity of this project required a multitude of construction disciplines. Orion demolished and rebuilt existing facilities including a roller hockey rink, restroom/mechanical building, tennis courts, and an above-ground pump station.  Substantial water and wastewater piping and appurtenances were also replaced. 

Design-Build Brengle Terrace Park Upgrades – Vista, CA

This design-build project involved the complete retrofit of the Brengle Terrace Park in Vista, CA. Orion designed and constructed new rip rap creek stabilization structures, light vehicle bridges, bio-retention basins, retaining walls and pedestrian trails.

This project was accelerated to meet funding guidelines that the City of Vista utilized for the project.