Design-Build F Street Watermain Emergency – San Diego, CA

The City of San Diego called Orion as an emergency design-build contractor after the 16″ waterline on F Street and 17th Street ruptured. Orion immediately deployed crews to secure the area and begin designing and constructing a permanent solution. Orion installed temporary water for the affected residences and businesses to ensure continued uninterrupted services. Orion installed 1,575 lineal feet of new 16″ watermain, valves, and appurtenances.

This project won an Honor Award from the American Public Works Association.

Design-Build Revelstoke Emergency Storm Drain and Slope Repair

The City of San Diego called Orion to perform an emergency slope and storm drain repair. The storm drain failed and the slope eroded away leaving a 30ft deep canyon which threatened the nearby street, Revelstoke Way. Orion immediately mobilized its emergency crew and equipment and contacted its design partners.  Orion utilized the design-build method to expedite design so construction could begin immediately. The repairs included over-excavation to remove unsuitable soil, backfill, installation a new RCP storm drain, and a cast-in-place dispersion structure.


Design-Build Emergency Mission Gorge Road Repair – San Diego, CA

The City of San Diego contracted Orion to identify the cause of Mission Gorge Road’s two foot settlement and to design and construct a permanent fix.  Orion quickly determined the cause of the settlement to be a ruptured sewer line 28’ underground. Orion demolished over 2,100 feet of road and landscaped median to access the ruptured pipe via 28ft deep shored trenches. The sewer was placed on bypass and the damaged sections repaired. Because this repair caused major disruptions to local traffic, Orion and its designers worked on an accelerated schedule to get the road back in service. 

Design-Build Hector Avenue Storm Drain Repair – San Diego, CA

The Hector Avenue Storm drain failed during one of San Diego’s largest storms in recent years. When the storm drain failed, the embankment where it was located rapidly eroded and threatened private homes on the above canyon walls. The City of San Diego tapped Orion as an emergency design-builder to mobilize to the site, stabilize the area, and design and construct a permanent fix.

Orion worked with local homeowners and through City easements to access to the steep slopes to remove the storm drain. The area was over-excavated and backfilled with fill soil which was later re-vegetated over a period of several months to prevent future erosion. This project was exceptionally challenging given the storm drain’s location on a steep embankment and the rapid mobilization needed to protect private property.